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ANALYSIS OF ALL YOUR NEEDS: I will explore your computing needs in depth and recommend all possible solutions within your budget and time constraints.



ESTIMATES: I can guarantee the best price in town on all equipment and services.



SALES: If it exists, I can get it for you, install it, configure it and test it quickly and affordable.



REPAIRS: Broken or damaged computer components and peripherals are seldom repairable. It is usually a matter of finding and installing replacement parts. I can advise you on what is available and best meets your needs.



HARDWARE MAINTENANCE: Periodic cleaning of the inside or your PC will insure maximum component life and in many cases, it will substantially reduce noise levels (fan noise) from your chassis . 



OPERATING SYSTEM (OS) MAINTENANCE: Occasionally removing unnecessary overhead from your operating system can substantially improve overall performance. ie unused desktop icons. Care must be taken in uninstalling vs deleting and backing up anything that may be needed later.



OS UPDATES: A noticeable improvement in performance can sometimes be obtained thru an update of your service pack or an upscale of your OS version.




I will provide, configure and test any component or peripheral for your PC:  processors, RAM, internal/external hard drives, DVD readers/burners video/tv cards, wifi cards, sound cards, routers, printers, monitors, keyboards/mouse joy sticks etc...



OPTIMIZATION: EVERYTHING ABOVE: I will submit a proposal after having totally evaluated your PC and your needs. Just call or email me, that much is free.


Andre (at CLIMATAIR-CANADA) recommends my services for all your computing needs and I assure you without reservations that where appliances and HVAC is concerned, Andre is "King" .






















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