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We sell and repair household appliances including freezers and cold rooms and counters.   Call Andre now at : 514 - 354-8646

Climatair-Canada has been serving the canadian public depuis 1990. We are involved mainly in commercial and residential refrigeration and climate control.

We sell and repair household appliances including freezers and cold rooms and counters.

We sell equipment both new and used for restaurants, convenience stores and supermarkets .

We offer guaranteed service.

We offer repair and maintenance service on appliance and AC units in multidwelling buildings .

We guarantee the best prices on service contracts.

If you are looking for an appliance, contact us and we will offer you what best suits your needs at a very affordable price. Call Andre at: 514 - 354-8646  

We speak English, French, Italian and Spanish !

Climatair-Canada will take great pleasure in helping you to find the right Air conditioning unit to fit your needs and budget. We can provide all makes and models wether air or water. The same applies when it comes to household appliances , cold rooms or counters. All units are guaranteed.



Wall mounted AC and Thermopumps 


12,000 BTU - starting at  1580 $

18,000 BTU - starting at 1880 $

   24,000 BTU - starting at 2100 $



Climatair-Canada thermopumps for exterior use are built to provide the needed heat in winter and the most efficient cooling in the summertime.

The external unit is housed within a rugged louvered body to protect the inner works. 

These units boast (SEER) ratings of 14,0 and an HSPF performance ratings for heating of 7,8. When heating, they absorb heat from the outside air and by reversing the coolant flow, they will remove the heat and excess humidity from your inside air when cooling in the summer.

All models are certified compliant to ETL safety standards (équilibre thermodynamique local) and those of ARI (Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute).

Air treatment units are high performance interior air space conditioners. They are matched with your thermopump in order to deliver maximum performance and best the air quality and stable temperatures in your rooms.

All air treatment units are built with an improved drainage port and they have a heat resistant finish. In the warm months they will cool your air and will deliver a SEER rating of up to 13.1. They automatically revert to the task of heating when the weather turns cold and will the supply an HSPF rating of up to 7.8 thanks to the direct drive fan motor. The air teatment unit operates very quietly, adding substantially to the comfort of your room environment. 
















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